Feb 5

Speed reading leads to an increased amount of information that the brain receives in a short amount of time. It enables one to get large amounts of information in a very short period of time.
It is very possible to learn how to speed read, very easy though it requires one to stimulate his mind by reading a lot of books in advance. Speed reading is good as it, reduces time spent on reading, increases the number of words that one can read and it also reduces the amount of times one’s eyes go back to a previous sentence.

Studies show that speed readers increase their level of IQ and also boost their memory. though critics are quick to point out that since reading comprehension level is below 50% then speed reading serves no purpose as it reduces comprehension levels and thus not a good way of reading and learning.
So what is the most effective quick guide to speed reading?
There are basic secrets on speed reading techniques and handy tips to successful speed reading. They are as follows:
1. The first paramount step will be to preview the reading material prior to reading it. This enables one to get a fair concept of the topic and the best way of doing this is by taking in the title, the paragraph heading and the material’s overall length. it is important to be aware of what you are about to read before you start reading as this will help you understand the text better.
2. After previewing, it is wise to decide on how to best tackle the reading material. Most people prefer to spend much longer time on specific key paragraphs.
3. It is very crucial for one to zero in keywords. This is because one cannot concentrate on reading every single word on the material. The aim here is to focus on keywords and ignore petty words as “the”.
4. Incidence of re-reading is eliminated when speed reading. This art of skimming text is achieved through practice but once mastered one can easily achieve reading speeds of up to 800 words or more per minute. Normal reading rate is 250-300 words per minute.

By following the above quick guide to speed reading one is sure on the way to perfecting his ability to read on a faster than usual rate. But despite the debates raised against this kind of reading, there is no doubt that it has some benefits and this is why some people spend money on courses that train on speed reading.

Apr 24

It is interesting how Japanese cars are viewed these days as they are considered the best cars if you are looking for economical prices, longevity, and reliability. Some people will go as far as to say that American cars do not meet the mark these days.  So in being biased, they would prefer to go out and purchase a Japanese new car.

Despite the fact that these cars are inexpensive, it would be great if you could get these vehicles at even cheaper prices at a Japanese used car auction.

While the usual approach would be to head out to the nearest dealer and purchase a new or used car there, certain sites over the internet can provide you with the information that are related to the various car models and brands that are available at a pittance in comparison to prices anywhere in the world.

Actually these sites are owned by Japanese car exporters that sell these used and new cars to almost 180 countries at some of the best prices that you will find anywhere in the world.  Also in surfing the internet, you will find that they are able to tell you which cars are available for purchase at the present because their sites are being updated from time to time.

All in all, what this will come down to is the fact that not only will you get the best prices for these cars but they will continue to provide what Japanese cars are known to offer its customers.