Jul 10

No amount, brand or type of makeup foundation can give you great skin that looks beautiful close-up. Not even the best concealers in the market can hide your blemishes with a natural, nothing-there finish. The secret to glowing skin that looks and feels so healthy is exfoliation. Unfortunately, many exfoliating facial products in the market contain chemicals which are too drying, or can clog pores, causing even more blemishes and pimples. The truth is, you can concoct your own facial scrub without worrying about side effects.

Here is an idea: The sugar-lemon scrub: Lemon contains lots of vitamin C, which is essential for cell regeneration, as well as antioxidants, which fight off toxins that cause premature aging of the skin. The acid will help slough off dead skin cells easier and faster too. Sugar has a grainy texture but is not too rough on the skin, and the crystals are not too small to clog pores. Squeeze the juice of a half a lemon into a little cup, and add in a teaspoon of sugar. When you’ve created a paste-like concoction, use a cotton pad to scrub your face with it. But before this, you will need to splash your face with warm water to open up pores. Make sure you close your eyes as you rub the lemon/sugar-drenched cotton pad around your face.

Also, if the lemon juice stings too much, you can dilute it with water. Give all areas of your face, except around the eyes, even attention and rinse with warm water when you are done, and give your face a final rinse of cold water to close the pores. This scrub is great for all skin types. Be sure to dry your face and moisturize afterwards and you will be amazed at how soft and smooth your facial skin is. Do this twice a week.

    Dec 24

    Did you just go out and splurge on a new expensive fur coat? Of course, you will only use it for special occasions, but the question is: How do you store it away carefully, and make sure you can use it for the next few years? Here are some tips:

    If you bought your elegant fur coat or any other type of fur clothing off a display rack, then it might not be very clean. In fact, it might not be free of dust as well. The first thing you should do is to use a soft lint remover, and carefully, lightly rub off all the dust from top to bottom. Remember, you must always wipe the fur in one direction, generally following the direction of hair growth. Do not press down too hard as you run the risk of damaging the fur.

    Next, scour out a bag that you can cover the entire item of clothing in. These garment bags can be found in apparel stores and are fairly reasonably priced. The bags usually have a small opening at the top, which allows for a hanger hook. You must always make sure the garment is stored properly in a hanging position. Try to get a bag that has a zip and one that will seal the garment entirely. This is very important, as you have to make sure the piece of fur is dust free, and also to keep away light and moisture. Any of these three are an absolute threat to your lovely new fur clothing.

    Once sealed in the bag, next, find a cold, dry place to hang it. A wardrobe that is far away from direct sunlight is recommended, and one that has room temperature of about 25 degrees or below is absolutely perfect. Why the cold temperature? Because it helps maintain the softness and brightness of the fur; low light is needed to help preserve the color of the fur. Otherwise, oxidizing and change of color could occur, which would completely ruin your new fur coat.

    To further enhance the care of your fur coat, go ahead and purchase fur conditioners that are made especially for fur clothing. It is an investment that you must make, especially when you have such an expensive piece of clothing.

    Jan 27

    Permanent makeup is gaining traction among women in South Korea, despite laws that restrict tattooing procedures to certified medical professionals. Because creating permanent lipliner or eye makeup involves injections via needles, only doctors can perform these procedures, though very few of them actually do so. The restriction has incited many to seek illegal procedures from tattoo artists, makeup artists, and face masseuses. As a result of the underground nature of the industry, 58% of the reported 88 cases of negative reactions to semi-medical treatments between January and September 2008 were due to so-called “beauty tattoos,” the Green Consumers Network (GCN) reports.  Among the negative side effects of illegal tattooing were sore eyes, deteriorating eyesight, swollen eyelids, and lip inflammation.

    In light of these complications, the GCN national council held a debate recently to discuss the future of tattooing in South Korea.  One professor called for greater leniency in the qualifications for tattooing but with tighter government regulation of the rogue industry, especially in regards to education. A spokesperson for the Korean Medical Association added that an educational campaign is needed to warn people about the risks involved with permanent makeup.