Jul 7

While the Bible talks about events in the past, such as Jesus’ life, teachings, death, resurrection and his evangelical message, his passing on to heaven also gave his disciples the spotlight so that they could also focus on the things to come in the near future.

Yes, both the Old and the New Testament speak of prophecies that will come to pass in our times, and one of them is the mark of the beast that has been clearly described in the Book of Revelation. It is a time when people who live on Earth will have to take a mark that will be issued by a world leader who will control the entire world under his power.

While there is an antichrist conspiracy or two afoot these days, there is very little evidence to suggest that it has become mandatory for people to take if they want to live. If you refuse to worship the antichrist, this will result in physical death.

But is the “mark” present in our times?

The truth is that while the technology for this mark to be issued out is available or present, it doesn’t seem as if the ‘beast’ (the antichrist as described in the Bible) is in power to initiate such a move. Alternatively, you cannot receive this mark by accident as it is only by your willingness to accept that you will live or die.

While there are many preachers that preach otherwise, receiving the mark of the antichrist is not one that is forgiven so you must be very sure that you do not take it.

If you wish to understand more about this mark, the Bible can be a wonderful guide as to help you see how the events leading to this mark will happen.

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Jul 5

So, what is the gospel of Christ all about?

This is one of the most asked questions for some time to come by both believers who are new to the faith as well as those who have spent a life in Christ. To say the least, almost everyone ends up finding bible answers that give us what we were looking yet the truth is that the answers must come from the Bible, and not from other men or women.

The gospel of Christ is not about performing religious rituals religiously or even just giving alms to the poor but it is a daily walk with the Lord Jesus and in pursuing holiness at every level right from the day you accepted Jesus as your personal Savior.

Yet another important part of understanding the gospel of Christ (and his message for our lives) is to understand the importance of soul winning which was what Jesus spoke to his disciples about before leaving for heaven. Perhaps this is the most important thing that Jesus left us to do so that his gospel could become a beacon of light and hope to ‘lost souls’ around the world.

He died for everyone, so that we may live and make peace with God thus enjoying a life of happiness and holiness so that we can be with him when we die.

This is what the Gospel of Christ is all about – a message of hope that can change your life if you so choose to believe in Him, you can truly enjoy the peace, joy and happiness that comes with living a life with Christ.

Yet if you do not wish to enjoy these fruits, it is still your choice, and is something that the Gospel of Christ warns us against.

May 13

Christianity is considered to be the largest religion in the world, and is the personal faith of almost 33 percent of the world’s population. Yes, it is a faith that is so simple yet so appealing to the masses due to the message of peace, love and hope that it brings but it also offers them the keys to a fuller life that only a Christian can understand.

 In understanding the joy of being a Christian, and taking from the example of the apostles as well as Christ himself, Christian evangelism carries the ‘message of love’ to many more people in the world today who haven’t heard of Jesus and the price he paid for their sins.

The beauty of being a Christian (with its challenges, of course) is the fact that you learn to equip yourself with qualities that will make this world a better place, and perhaps, this answers the age-old question that both non-believers and believers share in common: What is the gospel of Christ and its purpose for our lives?

Yet Jesus also warned his disciples that there would be false teachers and prophets in the Last Days, speaking of truths that aren’t based on the Bible, leaving with us an important clue that the Bible is what we should choose to stand on when it comes to distinguishing between the wolves and sheep.

One such false teaching is that of eternal security that openly suggests that believers once saved do not have to work for their salvation but are saved for life once they accept Jesus into their hearts, despite the Bible telling us otherwise.

So, if you are a new believer, it is important to understand that Christianity without the Word of God is no Christianity at all, and perhaps this is where you begin to understand why Jesus called the Christian Life the “narrow way”.

May 11

Living a Christian life is all about purity and a desire to walk in God’s ways no matter what the cost.

Easier said than done?

That’s true but if you did understand the seriousness of Paul’s words when he exhorted believers to crucify the flesh, it was all for the purpose of living a life that is pleasing to God.

Sadly there are believers who do not take this seriously and are often led astray by the belief that we, as Christians, have been granted the gift of imputed righteousness when that isn’t the case at all.

The Bible is very clear about working for your salvation, and in running that race fully; you can then be prepared to meet your Maker who will welcome you into heaven because you have been faithful to Him and His Word.

But not many people do manage to do what Paul did, in terms of the Christian Life, and sooner or later, there comes a point when they have to prepare for death without making peace with their Maker.

And no, it’s not about physical, financial and emotional preparedness for such an event but has to do with the spiritual world. If you have lived your Life not being interested in spiritual pursuits, then you will have to remember that one day, your turn will come too, no matter how healthy you are.

In taking the Word of God and your spiritual life seriously, you will understand how important it is to be ready when your time comes to leave this Earth. Being a Christian might have its challenges but you can be victorious time and time again by placing your trust in God’s Word and the time that you spend with Him each day.

It is only then that you will experience the blessings that will come to you in the form of eternal life in living as Christ would.

Apr 22

With a large number of cults preaching concepts that are not in line with the Word of God, it can get confusing especially if you are a new believer in Christianity. Sadly, the reason why there are so many differing evangelical messages out there today is due to the fact that there are people who misinterpret the Word of God to suit their own needs.

One such example pertains to daily living.  Since Paul exhorted believers to crucify the flesh, this simple concept of Christian living has been distorted to explain the concept of eternal salvation.

Now if you do have other doubts apart from this one, then one of the best places where you can find answers to your questions is over the internet – at sites that are aimed to help Christians know the truth and live a fuller Christian life.

And whether these concepts are basic or even complex ones, it is important for every believer to confirm what they believe in whether it has something to do with the antichrist conspiracy or even the concept of Calvinism.

All in all, no matter what happens, guarding your spiritual life is most important.  And if you do know where to refer to information pertaining to what concerns you might have, you should do everything in your power to address them.

Apr 20

There are many people who buy into the gospel of greed because it suits the lifestyle that they want to lead apart from the true ways of Jesus Christ. Yes, it might be easy to live a life according to these false teachings but the truth is that they are not based on the Word of God.

And since the Bible is what we should follow, the thing is that every answer to your question might be found here, that is, if you know where to look.

This poses a difficulty for new believers because they might not be so sure where to look for answers.  And the tendency to be led astray is more than possible not unless they seek help from people who have years of living the Christian life and know what it takes to be a Christian in the fuller sense.

Some of these dynamic people have launched their own websites over the internet and has been instrumental in explaining in detail as to what is the gospel of Christ for one and all to profit from a spiritual point of view.

And if you have more complex doubts as to whether or not the teachings of Calvinism is true or not, you can also find the answers here as well, and that will help you not only gain a fuller understanding about the Bible but also how you can please God in your daily walk as a Christian.