Sep 28

Having a pet at home can bring joy and love to your family. But having a cat or a dog running around your house can leave a lot of hair trapped in the carpets, beds, and sofas, which can be a nightmare to clean. But it is important to have this cleaned up for hygienic reasons as well as medical reasons as this could trigger an allergic reaction. What is the best way to clean pet hair?

Groom the pet

Bathe, brush and keep him well groomed. This way the excess hair will be removed during bathing and brushing which means less hair will be shed around the house.

Removing hair from carpets

Short hair on the carpet will not be removed by the vacuum cleaner as they stick to the carpet. Use a rubber broom or a thick bristle brush to scrub the carpet to loosen the hair before vacuuming.

Wear a wet glove and run it across the surface, the hair will stick to the glove.

Apply fabric softener

A fabric softener sheet can be used to pick up pet hair. Spray the surface with a mixture of fabric softener and water to “prep” the area first.

Jul 7

Beg bug extermination calls are on the rise and just about anyone can be a victim! The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) reports that member pest control companies who received one or two bed bug calls a year are now reporting one or two each week.

And the infestations are occurring all over the nation, regardless of location, type of dwelling or sanitary conditions. When it comes to finding a place to call home, bed bugs will settle down just about anywhere including multi-family homes, apartments, hotels and even hospitals. When it comes to location, they are spread evenly throughout the U.S — pest control companies can easily find bed bugs in Alexandra, VA as they can in Los Angeles, CA, making the bed bug resurgence a national pest control issue.

While commonly associated with unclean or unsanitary conditions, it is important to clarify that a bed bug infestation can happen anywhere, regardless of how clean a bedroom or living area may be. Once inside a home or hotel room, they can then rapidly travel from room to room, making it all the more difficult to control. Even if you find one bed bug in McLean, Virginia, make sure you contact a pest control professional to handle it for you.