Jul 21

Choosing to buy vintage clothing whether for a party or as a gift (read: prank in some cases) might be something fun to do, and there are several stores whether online or offline where one can buy these clothes from.

However, there are some stores that have a vast inventory of clothing that spans several eras from the 21st century, and can offer you the best prices regardless of whether you want to purchase mens vintage trousers or anything else.

Whether it was for a formal evening party or business wear and even for sporting events, the type of clothing that people used for each occasion (of every era!) was different whether it involved vintage sport tee shirts, formal suits and so on and so forth.

And with World War II, the wars in Korea and Vietnam, this also played an important role in the changing fashions during that time that portrayed a sense of bleakness, thanks to the madness that was known as war.

One important item of army wear was the m65 field jacket that was primarily used in Vietnam, and came in both the olive drab and camouflage versions.

If you are looking for any of these items, one will be able to find them easily at Vintage Trends, a website that caters to all types of vintage clothing for both men and women from whichever era in the 21st century.

Jun 21

Almost every man who has been engaged in useful activity over the past few years will know how important it is to pick an appropriate men’s suit for pleasure or for business. It is important for them to know what fabric suits them, what kind of cut is required and what kind of colors will suit their looks as well.

Well, what can you do? It’s the fashion police who are out to get you once you’ve committed a mistake in the kind of clothes that you have worn to a party or some other business event. So, it behooves most people who find themselves in the spotlight to take expert recommendation before they make any mistakes that will be remembered forever.

And so if one is able to differentiate between business suits and tuxedos and not wear the former at special occasions or the latter at business events, one will be able to avoid the embarrassment of not being dressed right for an occasion that is normally accompanied by sniggers and careless whispers that make you feel silly without it even being pointed out to you.

Another important part of wearing suit is the neckties that one must pick correctly to match the occasion that he is attending. There’s no room for error as for people in the spotlight, the press and their militia will be present to nitpick and consecutively to poke fun at the disastrous choice made.

It sure sounds very pretentious, but it is best avoided, as many celebrities will tell you!

May 25

In a world where first impressions count for a lot, and always has more chances of leading to something more, what a man wears really tells his peers and superiors who he really is, and what he thinks of himself.

Men’s suits are just one example of how a man can portray himself without really saying anything in a social setting. With a variety of styles and fabrics available, one can choose his clothes based on the occasions that he frequents, and then proceed to expand his wardrobe after that.

Tuxedos are one of those must-haves for men who are consistently social, and often are worn to formal occasions that are not necessarily solemn in nature. Almost every male role model has been seen in one, and it only goes to show that its use has been a common practice for a long time now. Ask the ladies what they think of men in a ‘tux’, and you’ve got one more reason to add one to your wardrobe if you haven’t already.

When it comes to contemporary styles, the three button suit sports a formal look in using a simple rule: the more buttons on the suit, the more formal the garment! Normally, an excellent choice for men who are six feet and above, it has been modified into its form from the fashion of the 60s. Unlike the two button suit that has been considered a classic, this style can also be used for office wear as long as you get one that has been more along the lines of its ‘classic’ version.

May 11

The dress suit, if tailored well, is one that oozes a classic, elegant feel. Not meant for all body types, you must be well built in order to carry off a dress suit. The dress suit was initially designed for royalty, and is mostly worn by the well endowed.

The three buttoned suit and the two buttoned suit are other styles of men’s suits. The two buttoned suit is mostly worn by larger men with wide mid riffs, while the three piece suits are a favourite amongst bankers and Italians. The same goes for the three piece double breasted suit which must always be well-fitted. An all American favourite is the tuxedo, which comes complete with rounded lapels and cummerbund and a matching bow tie.

If a suit is tailored well, it will sit well on your shoulders and fall just right. The lapels should be well shaped, taking your size into consideration. Keep in mind that a must with suits is the inner breast pocked. Ensure that the padding on the shoulders is kept to a bare minimum, just to retain the shape of the suit and to accentuate the style. This all depends on your physique, with heavier shoulder padding used only for the skinnier folk.

When choosing the fabric for your suit, keep in mind the occasion as well as the climate. While linen is meant for more tropical countries, there is no way you can carry off a linen suit at a formal event. Woollen suits are only meant for cooler climes, while raw silk is most suited for formal parties. While some men do wear cotton suits, they tend to look slightly tacky and are considered to be quite casual and informal.

May 11

Vintage Clothing websites are online shops that sell vintage clothes. In recent times, the popularity of vintage clothes has risen sharply. This has led to rise in online vendors offering “vintage” clothes. However, there is a clear distinction between Vintage and Retro.

Vintage Clothing basically refers to old clothes. Although that may not sound very endearing, an old Harley Davidson tee shirt with a 3D emblem from the 1980’s is actually a collector’s item. However a replica of that tee shirt printed now would be classified as Retro Clothing. Both types of clothing are fun to wear because they bring a sense of nostalgia to the wearer and also become a unique piece of clothing for them. After all, how many people out there still have a Guns N Roses tee shirt that they bought a concert 20 years ago?

For collectors and others, good Vintage Clothing websites are a blessing. This is because they can browse a huge collection of vintage clothes and find what they want. The alternative would mean that they would have to hunt through lots of bargain sales and thrift shops. Imagine trying to find a specific piece of american vintage clothing, like an m65 field jacket for example, without an online shop.

Good Vintage Clothing websites, like www.vintagetrends.com for example, are upfront and honest about the products that they have. Good websites will also have a wide catalogue with pictures of the actual product. Before making a purchase from a website, do a little research on it so that you know that you are getting a genuine product.

Apr 25

Before the hippies changed the world in the sixties, 50’s clothing still carried the torch of ‘haute couture’ just as it always had been. Whether it was the hats, cocktail dresses and daywear that suggested a light heartedness or mens vintage trousers (as it called today) that defined the man of class and distinction, they were symbolic of the person’s attitude to life just as it is today.

The attitude to fashion has always been the same even the trends in fashion might have changed. Very simply, what you wear is who you are. And hence, the Goths wear black as a symbol of their allegiance to the dark side while the cheeky teenager dabbles with short skirts, tight pairs of jeans that are worn low these days and so on and so forth.

The truth being that human beings haven’t evolved that much even though fashion trends has. The reason why folks keep up with the latest trends has always remained the same – keeping up with the Joneses.

However, it is always fun to look back to an older time when fashion that seems to be so quaint right now was the hottest thing around, and almost everyone just had to be a part of that fashion trend. So there are some vintage clothing websites that can provide you adequate snapshots of the fashion trends in each decade starting from the 40s all the way till now, and who knows, going retro might be fun at the next office party of yours.

Apr 16

There are two leading fictional characters in the movies that are always head-to-head when it comes to fashion, style and presentation. Yes, we’re talking about Batman and James Bond. Not only do they both wear the best clothes (read: tuxedos) but they also have fabulous rides too that do not need any further introduction.

However, in the real world where we live under constraints, more often than not, mens suits are not necessarily the easiest to find considering the costs involved, and when you do at a reasonable cost, it is indeed difficult to get the exact material, fit and color that ‘fits your personality’.

Online stores offer a wide range of suits, coats, neckties and tuxedos made from the finest material that have been designed and crafted with the utmost care, and most of all, at reasonable prices compared to designer stores.

Apart from creating suits and tuxedos for formal occasions, the dress suit is particularly designed for business meetings and the like especially if you want to present yourself (and your work) in a sophisticated and professional manner. No matter what kind of designer wear that you are interested in, the range of clothing you find online promises to be the best in men’s wear in terms of the detailing and the latest styles.

All you have to do get online and take your time in picking the kind of clothes that suit you the best according to your image.

Jan 30

Probably the most glamorized flight jacket of all time, the G-1 military flight jacket was worn by Tom Cruise in the 1986 movie Top Gun. Originally manufactured in the 1930s, it was mainly worn by the U.S. Army Air Corps and Navy after World War II and during the Korean War. A popular jacket, the G-1 endured until 1978. It is a stylish jacket with an easily recognizable fur-collar lining. (A non-fur collared version is named the G-2.)

American Mystique offers a G-1 Top Gun jacket that is made of 100% antique lamb. It features a genuine mouton fur collar, a material that was originally used in the historic jacket. It is embroidered with seven squadron patches and a naval aviator blood chit on the back. The G-1 bomber jacket is manufactured with wool-nylon blend knit cuffs and waistband and two inside chest pockets. For individuals seeking this jacket without a fur collar, American Mystique carries the G2 Raider Jacket in vintage lambskin.

Jan 16

Italian lingerie brings to mind the very best of the Milan runway paired with the fiery pull of Italian culture. Like other types of fine European lingerie, Italian lingerie suggests romance, but this time it’s interwoven with a heady dose of zeal and skillful seduction. From the lush, verdant Italian countryside to the opulence of Rome to the elegance of the canals of Venice, Italy cries out for sensuality with its food, people, and, yes, even in its lingerie. To fulfill your desire for more amore in your lingerie wardrobe, Tanga Fine Lingerie carries two Italian lingerie brands: Argentovivo of Italy and Cristina Iaia of Italy. Argentovivo, a newer brand, offers original, daring designs for a sexy, captivating look. Cristina Iaia pairs splendid patterns with striking accents for bella undergarments that take breaths away whether you’re on the Amalfi Coast or in the Midwest. Buy today and spice things up tonight!