Mar 14

Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina has been chosen by the College of Cardinals to lead the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics.  He is replacing the retired Pope Benedict XVI and taking the name of Francis after a previous advocator for the poor.  The election of Pope Francis recognizes Latin America where majority of world Catholics live.  Born to Italian immigrant parents, Pope Francis is a champion of poor and disadvantaged.  Many dignitaries from all over the world including the Vice President Joe Biden from the U.S. attended his inauguration ceremonies during the third week of March 2013 in Rome.

Several worldwide issues are waiting for the new Pope Francis.  The sexual-abuse scandal that plagued much of the recent past still bringing in many law suits and financial meltdown for many dioceses especially in the U.S., and waiting to be addressed by the church.  The Catholic Church is walking into an unknown fiscal future in this scandal.  The Vatican bureaucracy is also causing financial stress in the Vatican bank and inviting financial scrutiny by world regulating bodies.  The church is also faced with finding suitable new young talent to replace retiring clergy.

Jul 3

NBC Sports Network will be broadcasting the London Olympics at the end of this month. It acquired the rights to broadcast the games before it was bought by Comcast. Since the acquisition by Comcast, the NBC Sports Network won broadcasting rights to four additional Olympics including winter games through 2020 for $4.38 billion beating News Corp.’s Fox and Walt Disney’s ABC and ESPN networks.

NBC will put more than 293 hours of Olympic coverage on cable. Games will start on July 27, 2012; however, the coverage is expected to start on July 25, 2012. The NBC Sports Network is available on about 80 million cable households. It will spread the coverage of the games on its own CNBC, Bravo, MSNBC, and Spanish Language Television. Additionally, it can charge pay-TV operators such as DirectTV and Time Warner Cable to rebroadcast the games.

The biggest challenge to NBC Sports Network comes from ESPN. It has 19 million more viewers than NBC and has broadcasting rights to Monday Night Football, Major League Baseball, the National Basket Association games, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s basketball and football games, Nascar racing, four major tennis championships, and three out of four major golf championships.

Feb 18

Unemployment can be a situation that is most likely to be sticky to get out of. Often, when you are out of a job, you won’t get any calls back as this is perhaps Murphy’s Law in action, if you will. So what does one do when they find themselves in a situation where they are not getting an interview despite doing everything they can?

Here is a list of tips that you can try especially if you don’t seem to be getting that interview that you think you deserve:

Tip #1: It’s who know that counts

If there is a particular company that you are interested in, then one way to change your approach would be to contact someone on the inside either by showing initiative or even through a friend of a friend. You’re most likely to get an interview because people will always like to hire someone that their employees are comfortable with.

Tip #2: Gifting

Sending a gift along with your resume might seem a little odd, but it makes a big difference if you send your resume with a bouquet as opposed to nothing at all.

Tip #3: Certified Post

When one delivers a resume via certified post, this means that the person who receives has to sign for it. If you address it to the hiring manager, you’ll no doubt get the attention your resume deserves.

Tip #4: Deliver your resume in person

While most people wish to use email or send it by post, one of the best ways by which you can do is by going there in person to deliver it.

Sep 29

In what has been a long and concerning battle for equality, Muslim leagues and organizations in New York City have battled against racism and an increase in hate crimes against individuals who openly and proudly follow the faith.

In the wake of the “Ground Zero Mosque Debate”, Muslim leaders have criticized the presidency for not speaking out in their favor.

“We need to establish a connection, and get the rest of the country to realize that we are proud Americans too,” Said Abdul Sahgayhim, a prominent Muslim scholar, “It is hurtful that my brothers and sisters in Christianity and Judaism, who believe in the same God as me, fail to see that we are here to help and make America a better place, too.”

President Obama has attempted to encourage peaceable talks with Middle Eastern nations in his term and has explicitly praised moderate Muslim leaders for providing a good example for the Muslim community in America.

“We are not the Jihad. We are no more the Jihad than radicals of any other religions are the jihad,” Stated Sahgayhim, “For every religion there are fundamentalists and zealots, but people should understand that not everything in the Qur’an is to be taken literally, and those who do are called extremists.”
Sahgayhim referenced how Christians no longer believe in oppressing women, even though the Bible says that they are not equal. It is true that many religions have ancient and archaic premises. Perhaps in the future when the wounds of 9/11 have healed, it will be easier for America to accept and even cherish the Muslim community.

Jul 28

When one thinks of returning to community college, it usually entails a sense of nostalgia if one did not finish college or one of pride with the accomplishment of a dream come true. Most folks who used to decide to go back to college (traditional education) were normally below the age of 40 but now with a plethora of opportunities in the form of scholarships for single parents the world of education has indeed brightened the prospects of those who need to rise above their circumstances.

Imagine yourself to be in a position of a single mother who isn’t used to the grind of a career where the only person who used to provide for her and the child is now gone. What are the chances of them making it past to a brighter future without numerous financial and emotional struggles as the single mother now has to juggle between her child and work.

What seems to be the answer is education, and with several online universities offering single mothers grants, it won’t be very long before single mothers and their children can look forward to a secure and happy future.

Scholarships or no scholarships, it should be a matter of pride if one is able to study a degree no matter which age he or she is at.

Jun 4

Public speaking does not come easy to everyone. To those people, getting up on a stage and making a speech can be a nightmare. Here are three basic tips which can help you become a good public speaker:

Tip #1 – Write your own speech
First, pick a topic that is of interest to you. Next, ensure that you write it and not someone else. It is important that you know exactly what you are talking about, and understand it. If you do not, then you will not be able to communicate it well enough with your audience. When delivering your speech, make it personal; make it interesting for your audience. Use a few stories, jokes, colloquial language – all of which will make the speech more audience-friendly. Remember not to overstep the mark – and turn it into a comic routine, instead of a speech.

It is important that you have a draft of your speech. This will not only give you an idea regarding the flow of the speech, but also helps you organize your thoughts, giving you an inclination of what to say.

Tip #2 – Practice
Once you have your speech written down, start practising it like there is no tomorrow. First practise it in front of a mirror, paying attention to facial expressions. Next, try it out on a few close friends or even family members. Get their feedback and then work on improving your delivery based on what they say.

You could also video yourself, and then watch it. You are your worst critic, and this way, you will be able to pinpoint exactly what you are doing wrong. Ensure that your delivery is not monotonous.

Tip #3 – Audience awareness
Start off by greeting your audience. Make friends with them first, which only makes the task at hand easier for you, engaging your audience faster. Be pleasant to your audience, be comfortable and always make eye contact. Your body language and the way you speak is a key to keeping your audience captivated.

Apr 10

You might not notice this but if your room is full of clutter and absolutely disorganized, then it probably does not encourage any kind of relaxation, let alone a blissful night’s sleep. Here are a few tips to make your room portray a sense of tranquility and help you sleep better:

1. Electronic equipment – Items like your television and computer must go. They emit an electromagnetic energy that is harmful to your health and does not let your body rest 100%.

2. Temperature – Everyone has a comfortable temperature that helps them sleep even better. Experiment with the temperature in your room until you settle on one that you are most comfortable with. A room that is excessively hot will only make you feel uncomfortable. Ensure that your doors and windows are closed, so that you avoid any draughts.

3. Noise – A quiet bedroom will help you relax and sleep better. If you always have loud music or the TV on all the time, this could ward off sleep. If the sound of traffic or the music from next door continues to disturb you, then perhaps you should consider getting yourself a pair of earplugs.

4. Light – Ensure that the curtains or blinds on your windows block out the light completely. The morning light triggers off a mechanism in your brain which makes you wake up, and sometimes this could happen way before you planned to wake up.

5. Clutter – Clean up that mess in your room, and you will instantly feel and see the difference.

Jan 31

If you are one of those people who dreads having to make small talk to strangers or even being in a room with a few hundred people – then you are probably an introvert. Introverts make up 25% of the population, and you probably like to be alone, enjoy the quiet, while being around others can be quite tiring and is a least preferred activity.

Making small talk for you is probably as enjoyable as having teeth removed. However, you do not have much of a choice, unless you choose to live on a secluded island. Eventually, you will have to talk to people you do not know. So, here are a few ways to make it easier for you:

Most people you meet are probably extroverts and probably have something to say. So let them talk all they want. You probably have the special gift of listening – so go head, listen and nod your head. It is time you became skilful at your game, so let the extrovert do all the talking while you do all the listening.

One of the best ways to get about it is to find an extremely chatty extrovert and pose a rather vague question that could lead to a lot of talking or explaining. Once they start, let them keep talking.

If the person chatting to you is talking about personal matters, do not fret. You are not expected to share too much of your personal matters in return. Instead, just act pleasant, be polite and look interested. In most cases, the other person might not even notice that you have barely said two words.

It is also important to keep smiling. For one thing, you owe it to the hosts of the event. There is no need to be rude and unpleasant, no matter how much you want to mope around, be unapproachable and look glum.

Jan 7

When shopping for sunglasses, deciding what you like does take a while. But remember, it does not simply boil down to just that. It is important that you buy one that suits the shape of your face. Here are a few guidelines:

Oval face – practically all styles suit an oval face. Go ahead and experiment with the latest in fashion. What looks ultra good? Square shaped frames with slightly rounded edges.

Round face – choose sunglasses that make your face look longer and thinner. Try on frames that are slightly wider than the broadest part of your face or even equal in width. Not only will they minimize curves, but choose frames with higher temples to make your face look longer. Opt for frames with angular or rectangular styles.

Diamond shape – this means you have high cheekbones, a narrow forehead and chin – for which oval sunglasses are perfect. You could also try on gently curved square sunglasses that might also do the trick. The sunglasses you settle for must not be wider than your cheekbones.

Square face – choose sunglasses with curvy contours to even out the angles on your face. Cat-eye styles and even oval shapes will work with a square shaped face.

Oblong face – go for frames with round or square shapes – either would look really good on an oblong face. Try out temples that are decorative or even those that bear a contrasting colour.

Triangle shape – with a narrow jaw line and a wide forehead you would need to soften out the lower part of your face. Cat-eyes should do the trick or even frames will rimless bottoms and metal frames.

Jan 1

Always dry clean or hand wash any cashmere fabric based clothing. Not only does hand washing make the cashmere softer, but it also makes its warmth better. You might opt out of giving your precious cashmere to the laundry for washing – and yes, you wash it by yourself. However, you must know how. Cashmere is a very delicate, fragile fabric, and you must not use too much force when washing as that might damage the fibres. Do not leave it in the sun to dry, as this will make it go out of shape.

Before you wash your cashmere, check the label and read the instructions to ensure hand washing is safe. You can wash it if it is a knitted fabric. However, woven cashmeres should never be hand washed, but should be dry-cleaned instead. Remember: do not use just any detergent when washing your cashmere. Make sure it is especially for cashmere or any such delicate fabric, otherwise you risk ruining the fabric.


Add detergent to lukewarm water and mix.

Submerge the cashmere in the detergent and water solution and squash the fabric using your hands to ensure that the fabric is soaked in the detergent solution. Leave it in this solution for no more than 15 minutes, massage very gently.

Next, transfer the fabric to fresh, lukewarm water. Massage the fabric gently to get out any excess detergent. Repeat as necessary.

Take the fabric out, and squeeze it gently and carefully and get rid of the water on it. Place it on a dry towel, and then roll it up, push onto it to squeeze out more water.

Roll out the cashmere and place on a dry towel and air dry.
Do not dry in direct sunlight.

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