Sep 28

When the weather is nice and people would rather eat outside, one of the things that is needed is outdoor furniture.  Here are three tips for finding the right furniture to put outside.

  • Size – The first thing that has to be decided is size.  This will depend on how many people will be using the furniture and the amount of space that you have.  Do you want to get something like accessible picnic tables or would something smaller be a better choice? The last thing that you want to do is to something that is going to be too big or too small for your needs.
  • Budget – The second thing to consider is budget. How much money do you have to spend on your furniture?   if you have a lot of furniture to buy, it might be a better idea to choose one that is less expensive so that you have enough for the people who want to use it.  But if you only need one or two pieces, you can look for something that’s of higher quality.
  • Style – The third thing to consider is the style of furniture.  This is going to highly depend on where the furniture will be. But it’s an important point to consider.

A good place to search for commercial outdoor furniture. National Outdoor Furniture, Inc has a large selection of furniture to choose from and their website is very easy to navigate.  Take some time to browse through it and see what they have to offer.

May 20

When shopping for a kid’s mattress, think about the space that is available in your child’s room. This will help you determine what size mattress to purchase. Most children have a twin size bed in their room. But other kids who like to have their pets sleep with them or they have an army of stuffed animals surrounding them at night, they may require a larger mattress such as a full-size one. There are several types of mattresses on the market today including traditional spring mattresses, pillow top and foam mattresses.

Toddler bedroom furniture may consist of items such as a crib or toddler bed, changing table, clothing dresser, rocking chair and toy box, just to name a few items. Depending on the child’s age and comfort level, they may still be in the crib or they could be ready for a toddler bed. A toddler bed is smaller than a twin size bed, it is lower to the ground and it has railings on both sides of the bed. The railings help children who are transitioning from a crib to a toddler bed because it will help them feel safe that they will not fall out of bed.

Discount kids bedroom furniture is ideal for parents who are on a budget. You need to be sure that when purchasing discount kids bedroom furniture that all safety measures are in place. While it is understandable that you may not be able to afford new bedroom furniture, you should not sacrifice safety.

Apr 24

On boats large enough for multiple-day voyages, one of the things that often goes overlooked is the mattress. The topside outfitting and the below deck equipment are often front and center in the mind since they’re associated with enjoying the boat, but at the end of a day of sailing, you’ll retire to your cabin and discover if you spent enough time considering your boat’s mattress.

Whether you’re in the planning stages of outfitting your boat or retrofitting it with a completely new custom boat interior, getting the right marine bed will make a big difference in the long-term enjoyment of your boat.

Because of the cramped spaces and the curvature of boats, their beds are often different from the typical mattresses we have in our homes. Often located in the bow , a V-Berth mattress is a bed that optimizes the front of the boat where space tapers down to a point. These special mattresses consist of a single wedge-shaped piece, two long pieces split down the middle, or a three-piece mattress with a squared section in the center of the bed’s entrance. In addition to being easier to get below deck, boat mattresses with multiple pieces allow different material types to be combined into one mattress for people who share a bed. One side can have soft foam and the other can have very firm foam.

Another thing to consider is if your bed is situated where spray or moisture can dampen the mattress. Moisture in a mattress is a surefire way to ruin it, so if there is potential for water damage, there is fast-drying foam that is antibacterial, won’t rot and can quickly dry. It’s an excellent material for top-side cushions as well. Before you set sail, consider your sleeping setup before it becomes the one thing that sends you back to port.

Apr 19

Having a state-of-the-art home theater or stereo system can give you sound quality like you were in the studio with your favorite band or movie. Managing sound however, is a delicate science as many factors go into our interpretations, like room vibrations, sound reflections and listening angle. One useful strategy for improving the sound in your space, even with the most bare-bones speaker setup is decoupling your subwoofers.

To decouple is to separate the bond between two things, and in this case, you would be separating your speakers and subwoofers from the building structure. This is done with a sound insulator that absorbs the vibrations a sub or speaker creates before they reach the floor. This is particularly important with sound control bass issues, because of the vibrations these can produce. This can travel through solid surfaces and rattle doors, windows or any loose objects, creating distortion and an obvious distraction. Breaking that bond reduces vibrations which your ears interpret as more bothersome sound. It also can make a major difference if you have neighbors complaining about noise levels.

Decouplers are often made from open-cell foam and non-resonant MDF board. They are easily found pre-made from any company selling acoustical products, but are also very easy to make on your own. With only two or three inches of foam thickness needed, cutting up old foam packaging sheets and placing them under MDF can work just as well as a store-bought solution. The only drawback to the DIY method is that they usually lack the aesthetics and stability of professionally created pieces.

If you’re a fan of big sound, you will be doing yourself a favor by decoupling your subwoofers, producing better quality and less distraction.

Aug 25

There are times when we wish we had more than 36 hours in a day as we can’t seem to fit everything in together, and perhaps that should be the biggest indicator in itself that one should take some time to unwind.

Taking some time off to buy some patio furniture can curb those workaholic tendencies as this leads far more leisure than some people allow themselves to have. It’s strange how finding that work-life balance can be so easy but yet we seem to miss it at every opportunity to get ahead.

This type of furniture most often comes in different sizes, shapes and is prepared with different materials and the first choice amongst many is teak furniture. Not only is this type of furniture weather resistant but does not require much maintenance as it turns out to be extremely stain resistant as well. Insects or other forms of decay cannot cause any damage as the wood is extremely sturdy and is built to last especially if you are using this furniture for the outdoors.

The same is true of wicker furniture as well, which is just as durable and maintenance free as teak wood in the form of furniture built for the patio. One can look for different styles of furniture offered at websites (apart from local stores) so that an educated choice is made in terms of how it could suit their patio at home.