Jan 10

The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opened on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 in Las Vegas.  This year it is spread over several locations and covers 1.85 square miles of vendor space.  More than 3,000 venders are showing their newest gadgets.  Big names among participants include Samsung, Panasonic, Sony, Intel, and Qualcomm showing newest gadgets of smart TVs, smartphones, smart tablets, smart cameras and many more.  More than 150,000 are expected to attend the show.

Garmin is displaying six navigation models ranging from $200 to $380 in price that gives direction on landmarks and stop signs to eliminate confusion and allow the driver to concentrate on driving.  4K or Ultra TVs are on display from Sharp and LG that will be available in the middle of the year.  Some are voice activated through remote or smartphones.  Samsung has an 85-inch Ultra HD TV.  LGs 84-inch model will cost $20,000.  Intel is displaying an incredibly thin next generation Ultrabook.  Sony demonstrated a high-end waterproof Sony Xperia Z, a smartphone with 5-inch, high-definition display and 13-megapixel camera.  Qualcomm’s Tegra 4 quad-core chips will dramatically change the processing speeds and camera tricks.  Nvidia rolled out a portable gaming device known as Project Shield that has a joystick and controller.

Dec 5

It is only three years since the inception of the now famous tablet and the world’s tablet market is worth about $63.2 billion a year with over 122 million units sold in 2012.  Apple introduced its iPad in 2010 and now accounts for 54 percent of the tablet market.  Due to the intense competition from others its share expected to drop to about 50 percent by 2016.  Samsung is launching a global ad campaign for its tablet products.  It accounts for 18 percent of the global tablet market. In regard to the operating systems, Apple’s iOS powers closer to 54 percent of tablets and Google’s Android powered tablets accounts for 43 percent.

The Amazon, Google and Microsoft are considered to be the slow growth companies in the tablet market.  At the end of October 2012, Microsoft along with its component partner Intel debuted five tablets into the market that run on Windows.  Earlier they expected to introduce a dozen tablets at the end of October.  The first generation of Microsoft’s Surface tablets that runs on Windows 8 Pro and Intel’s chips will be available in January 2013.  It is priced at $899, same as Apple’s 11-inch MacBook Air.

Mar 29

The Author of this post is Solomon Dejesus

I am a forty five year old man who adores shopping for gifts for my daughter and my girlfriend. I actually like going around the shops and looking at everything on offer. I love shopping for Valentines day as there is just so much for a man to buy for a woman. Flowers, chocolates, and perfume are the normal for a man to purchase to show their affections, but to me this is just not good enough. Jewelery is nice and a bit of bling is always appreciated but again this is usual and I like to find something unique.

So today for Valentines day I will today head out to the local shopping mall which has everything that could possible be required for any occasion. I will set the home security alarm system from Adt Belle deals which will protect my home whilst I am out, and I will drive the eight miles to the mall to search for a perfect gift for the two women in my life. I will visit the furniture store first, I was thinking of getting my girlfriend a four poster bed with brass and an ivory coloring, it looked fantastic in the brochure. For my daughter I was thinking of getting her a chastity belt as she will be out with her boyfriend on Valentines night and I am old fashioned.

Oct 22

(NYSE: Goog) As if Google did not have enough trouble on their hands with a privacy lawsuit regarding their “Buzz” service, Google has now taken action against the government in a lawsuit targeted at the United States Department of the Interior (DOI).

Google Inc. has accused the DOI of favoritism towards over software developers; a decision that Google says, “Leaves [us] out in the cold.”

The DOI argues that the only reason that they are not considering purchasing from Google as a vendor is because of several prominent security issues with their software. Any government agency is required to operate at the highest level of security, so it is understandable that the government would only want to purchase the most secure software.

Google states that the DOI’s favoritism towards its competitors has helped them to establish a monopoly over the entire market, but the government encourages Google to develop higher security versions of their current software in order to compete with other companies.

“It’s not really a matter of who the government likes best, it’s just which software suits what we have to do the best,” says political analyst Ronald Dungren, “The government wouldn’t encourage that kind of thing, it’s just a matter of Google not having the right kind of security specifications.”

Google’s services have had major security flaws in the past; including the ability for a hacker to use a hashed java code to access outgoing email messages from target Gmail accounts, which have been utilized by educational institutions.

Nevertheless, Google promises that its software is secure and safe to use, even for governmental agencies.

Aug 31

This week the first person to step onto the surface of the moon turns 80. Neil Armstrong is no stranger to public attention but he has not indicated how he will celebrate the momentous day.

Armstrong’s famous walk on the Moon was viewed by around 500 million people back in 1969. Even though the best images that NASA could supply the nation were in black and white, and very grainy at that, it did not matter. America had won the race to the Moon and Armstrong and his buddies were heroes.

Armstrong, Commander of the Apollo 11, and Buzz Aldrin spent less than three hours exploring the vicinity of their lunar lander. Yet, that time was enough for them to take a host of photos, collect samples of the lunar rocks and soil and experience the low gravity of the Moon.Armstrong later said that the surface of the satellite was almost like powdered charcoal.

Born in 1930 in Ohio, Neil Armstrong grew up fascinated by aircraft. He was so taken up with them that as a teenager he took up a job at a nearby airfield. Eventually he took flying lessons and on his 16th birthday he became a licensed pilot. He joined the Navy thereafter and was stationed overseas in the Korean war where he flew 78 missions for the U.S. Navy. Thereafter he spent some time studying and earned a M.Sc. in aerospace engineering.

In 1955 that he decided to become a test pilot and he spent 7 years at Edwards Air Force Base in California flying around 50 different varieties of aircraft. It was at the end of this period that NASA chose him to be trained as an astronaut and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jul 21

Gone are the days when those little hurricane lamps were all one needed to get around. In this age of technology that almost completely depends on electricity, almost everyone is looking for alternative solutions such as a standby generator, DIY solar panels and so on and so forth to bring an end to this electricity crisis, so to speak.

Until research and its scientists are able to invent a solution for electricity that is scalable, we will have to resort to ‘cruder’ forms of generating electricity such as the burning of coal and so on and so forth. One of these so-called crude methods is the use of diesel generators.

Take for example, the 40 kw diesel generator, which is sufficient enough to run an entire house for a certain period of time. While selecting one of these generators is not necessarily a task that a layman can do, one should carefully check all the details of their house’s requirements with an electrician before they go out to purchase a unit.

Similarly, a 60 kw diesel generator which packs more power can be used for small to medium-sized businesses that experience frequent interruptions of power that can spell doom for the business if nothing is done about it.

And one can safely assume that the use of generators to provide uninterrupted power will be around for a long time.

Jul 2

Many business owners around the world are making the switch to solar power, and you can too. In fact, companies are realizing the benefits of investing in solar power, which include reducing or eliminating their electric bills. Whether you own a treatment plan, corporate building, hospital or warehouse facility, it is easy to transform your roof into a financial asset by installing solar power systems.

Commercial and residential solar power systems can be installed on all types of roofs including ground mount, canopy and BIPV roofs. SunWize, a leader in engineering and installing solar panels, will assess your facility and draft a preliminary proposal of an affordable solution. From site planning and design to final installation and maintenance, SunWize can help your company Go Green once and for all.

Mar 29

Almost every computer user has at one point of time or the other experienced ‘a hard disk failure’ at one point of time or the others. There are several reasons for this to occur due to exposure to high magnetic waves, fire or water and even suffering trauma which leads to the most common reason for hard disk failure known as the ‘head crash’.

Apart from causing damage to the hard disk, if not attended to properly by an expert, the biggest inconvenience with a hard disk failure is data loss. In the case of retrieving data after hard disk failure, that happens due to physical damage to the disk or due to logical damage to the file system. For the former, disk imaging and hardware repair seem to be the most common methods used whereas the latter employs consistency checking and data carving to recover data loss.

Here is a list of software that can be used to recover either deleted files and restore a deleted partition, among other functions:

Recuva – The best of the lot that checks for deleted files while being very user-friendly. With a setup size of 646 KB, it throws up detailed information of every file that have been deleted apart from recovering files from bugs, viruses and crashes.

Undelete Plus – This recovery software recovers files that have been deleted using the SHIFT + DELETE keys, emptied from the Recycle Bin and those that have been deleted from within a Command Prompt and a network drive.

UndeleteMyFiles – With a easy-to-use interface for customers, all you have to do is select the disk where the files needs to be recovered from, and the folder where they need to be placed. You also have the Delete File Search option that can allow you to view a file before actually recovering it.

Sep 7

Is Morgan Hill, California up for the SunWize Challenge? The residential solar power installer is challenging residents of the Bay Area city to make the switch to solar energy and is willing to put its money where its mouth is to make it happen. The company’s goal is to convert 60,000 watts of residential power to solar by July 31 and they are taking some unusual steps to make it happen.

For starters, the company is willing to give up to $500 for every Morgan Hill resident who goes solar. The rebate will begin at $100 but be increased by $10 for every new home that installs home solar panels. If the town reaches the 60,000 watt goal by July 31, SunWize will donate $6,000 to the Morgan Hill Community Foundation. Please visit http://www.sunwize.com/morganhill/index.php for more information on the SunWize Challenge in Morgan Hill.

Aug 18

A man in the US state of Florida, along with two Russian hackers, has managed to break into the database of a large payment system with customers like the retail chain 7-11. The American man was named as Albert Gonzalez, 28, but the identity of the Russian men has not been disclosed. Gonzales and his co-conspirators managed to steal the data for roughly 130 million credit cards, which officials say is the largest case of identity theft in US history.

Prosecutors have charged him with intending to sell the credit card information to others, allowing them to make purchases with the data that belonged to the original customers. If he is found guilty, he could serve up to a 25 year jail sentence: 20 for fraud and an additional 5 for conspiracy. In addition to the jail time, he would be liable for a $500,000 fine.

The attack was performed using SQL injection, a technique which takes over the code used to put information into a database and instead uses it to take information out or do other equally harmful tasks. SQL injection is a common type of attack when trying to retrieve sensitive data from protected databases. However, fraud experts say that the code used in this particular attack was highly sophisticated, unlike most examples available online.

Unfortunately, SQL injection attacks are not preventable by consumers, so there is no feasible way to protect against them when making purchases. Online attacks are slightly more vulnerable, but as seen by this case, not even purchases in the real world are 100% safe.

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