Jul 13

Donating cars to charity to have been around for sometime now and the funds it seeks to raise intends to help people with specific medical conditions or in some cases, help kids around the world to a better future.
While most charities succeed in fundraising through donations of money from their rich benefactors, this one works a bit differently. Perhaps, it works on the basis that everyone has something to give, whether rich or poor, and so if one can donate a used car that probably should be more than enough.

And almost everyone these days want to get rid of a vehicle that is lying around the house, and which mostly can be considered as ‘junk’. Yes, these charities even accept cars that are old enough to be called so but can be re-engineered to work again.

Most people might wonder if there is a catch.

Yes there is, and it’s a positive one. For those who call or email these car donation charities and pledge their car, they get a tax rebate on the amount that the car is able to generate, with no questions asked.

All you have to do whether you would like to donate car California or from anywhere else is call or email the charity, and they will send a representative to pick the car up and its title deed (if it has one) at a time and place provided by you.

And that’s as easy as pie!

Sep 17

There are plenty of people (from industry experts to savvy consumers) who agree that the trucks used by your average freight shipping service need to be redesigned for efficiency, reducing their carbon footprint and the negative impact they have on the environment. However, due to the manner in which policies vary from state to state, the unstable price of diesel, and the struggle of introducing new technologies to the marketplace, this is a difficult prospect. However, FTL and LTL shipping companies do want to save both money and fuel. The following changes were recently proposed at a three-day summit. First, a U.S. Green Truck Council will be formed, based on the existing U.S. Green Building Council. This group will demonstrate, assess, and certify new technology for FTL and LTL trucking companies. Secondly, there was a “call to action” for those with stakes in the trucking industry to develop a national strategy for freight.

Jul 15

AeroLogic, the joint airline of DHL Express and Lufthansa Cargo, now serves new air routes between Europe and Asia, flying cargo for customers of its parent companies. Designed to provide reliable and efficient air transport services between Europe and Asia, the airline operates with eight B777F freighters. The B777F is considered the most advanced wide-body long-range freighter currently available.

According to Carsten Spohr, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo, “The B777F is regarded as the most environmentally-friendly freighter, because this aircraft type sets itself apart with its low fuel consumption and a low noise level in comparison with other aircraft of this size. It is also the most modern and efficient aircraft currently available for long-haul intercontinental freight flights. We are proud to have it in our fleet.”

DHL is a leading logistics company offering freight quotes for international express, air and ocean freight, as well as road and rail transportation, and more. For an online freight quote, please visit Globalforwarding.com.

Jun 23

Freight shipping service company DHL Global Forwarding has announced an enhanced strategy for offering higher levels of service and quality to customers in the life sciences and healthcare sectors. Due to the sensitive nature of the materials transported by both industries, DHL has focused on emerging markets to create improved quality, compliance and visibility when transporting products from the manufacturer to the customer. According to the company press release, the strategy includes a global network of warehouse and transportation solutions for clinical trials and pan-European less-than truckload temperature-controlled (LTL shipping) cold-chain road freight capabilities.

“Because of the unique safety and regulatory requirements faced by the Life Sciences and Healthcare industry, its transportation and logistics needs require particularly rigorous levels of quality and competence in product handling. At the same time, the industry is increasingly turning to strategic partners for innovative solutions in order to support supply chain operations,” said Hermann Ude, CEO of DHL.

Mar 4

Much like buying a car, buying an RV can be a complicated, time-consuming, and expensive process. For many people, an RV is the second-largest investment, after a home, that they will ever make. So it’s important that you make a smart purchase. And in today’s economy, saving money won’t hurt a bit either. Here are a few tips for helping you find a good RV for a good price—a true bargain.

  1. Scout used RV sales. For first-time buyers especially, a secondhand RV is a good deal because these vehicles depreciate quickly in the first few years, when the buyer may decide to upgrade or sell.
  2. Buy during the off-season. When temperatures turn colder, RV dealers are more pliable for bargaining and ultimately more likely to let a rig go for less due to decreased sales.
  3. Take advantage of repossessed RV auctions. Often there is nothing wrong with the condition of these vehicles, and they can be available for as much as 90% off book value.
  4. Ask around. Friends and family may be willing to cut a chunk off of the price tag if the buyer is someone that they know. If not, they may be able to refer you to someone who can give you a good deal.
  5. Do your due diligence. Make sure that all of the features work and that there are no leaks. A damaged RV that you pay less for up front will end up costing more down the line if it needs significant repairs.

Buying an RV doesn’t have to be a headache. With a little research and perseverance, you can find an RV that suits you at a fair price.

Mar 4

When buying a motor for their boat, buyers should think in terms of motor type, horsepower, and nearby dealerships, rather than strictly making a purchase based on the name brand. A friend might claim that a Johnson motor is best, while another might recommend a different brand. However, experts tend to stress that brand name is usually secondary to the factors of horsepower and accessibility of a nearby dealership.

An outboard motor is a motor attached to the outside of a boat. Outboard motors are most often used on fishing boats, ski boats, and pontoon boats. This form of motor generally uses less power than an inboard motor. The least expensive type of outboard is called a force engine, which is basic with no bells and whistles, and tends to need slightly more maintenance than other outboard engines to run smoothly. Whether a force engine or a more complex outboard motor, be sure that there is an authorized dealer nearby in case a warranty claim or the need for outboard repair arises.

An inboard motor generally has more power than an outboard and is therefore the motor most commonly used in larger ski boats and cruisers. These motors vary in size and horsepower, and the most powerful ones tend to use diesel fuel. Buyers should again consider the proximity of a dealer and inventory when choosing a brand. If there is an Evinrude dealership nearby, for example, but all others are far away—it’s probably wisest to get an Evinrude motor!

How do you determine how much power you need? First research on the Internet. Next, ask a few dealers their recommendations. Finally, take a test drive. While you want to be economical, you certainly don’t want to purchase a boat that lacks the power you need for what you want to do!

Dec 24

Just because gas prices have finally fallen below $2 in most states doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to get the best possible deal at the pump. Here are a few tips for keeping your wallet heavy when you fill up:

  • Research gas deals online so that you can plan your stops at stations that offer the best prices. Websites such as GasBuddy.com provide up-to-date price information.
  • Try to fill up on weekdays rather than weekends, as prices tend to rise on these peak buying times.
  • Maintain correct tire pressure for better fuel economy.

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Dec 16

Various types of RVs serve different purposes. Motorhomes are classified into Class A, B, or C. Vehicles in all three classes function as motorized homes, but their varied features and sizes suit a wide variety of goals and budgets. The prices range considerably, so buyers should check the blue book value for a motorhome to compare the classes as well as the differences between new and used RVs.

Class A is the largest in size range for recreational vehicles (RVs). This type of motorhome includes several high-end facilities, such as a gallery, living area, and permanent full bathroom(s). Class A RVs also include equipment for long trips, such as power, back-up batteries, and water holding tanks. The main disadvantage of the Class A motorhome is maneuverability. Due to the length, this type of RV can be difficult to drive and park it areas with limited space. The high price can also deter some would-be buyers. For those who prefer a Class A motorhome at the lowest price, a used motorhome price guide like those released by National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) can be an excellent resource.

Class B recreational vehicles are similar to vans. They are the smallest self-contained motorhomes. They include sleeping, living and dining rooms; however, the space is considerably smaller than that drivers have in a Class A motorhome. The size measures 16 to 34 feet. These motorhomes are simpler to drive and park. If you plan to visit small communities or areas with curvy roads, this is the ideal RV. The downsides to this type of motorhome include less space, low ceilings, and a small gas tank which requires frequent refueling.

Class C motorhomes are small and mounted on the frame of a van. This type of RV includes a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. However, the downside is that space is extremely limited, and the RV offers almost no extra comforts. Too small to accommodate full-size beds, Class C motorhomes come with bunker type sleepers. The upside is that these vehicles are easy to maneuver and can manage sharp turns as well as narrow roads. This RV class is the least expensive. When purchasing, buyers should always consider the current value of motorhome make, model, and class, rather than solely the sticker price.

Experts at dealerships such as El Monte RV can guide buyers in selecting an RV that meets their needs and budget. Because El Monte RV has several rental lots and sales centers around the country, this dealership can also help families and individuals who want to first try renting an RV before making a purchase.