Jul 15

Guest post written by Natalie Hamby

Last year I went to the beach for spring break and of course with my luck I got sunburned on the first full day I was there and was miserable for the rest of the week. This year when my boyfriend and I were trying to figure out somewhere to go for spring break, I told him I wanted to go somewhere where I wouldn’t get sunburned every day like last year. He totally agreed and suggested we stay at his older brother’s apartment in New York City. I thought it was a great idea and that’s what we’re doing next week!


I’ve never met his older brother though, so I think that it may be a little awkward, but Ben reassures me that he’s really cool. I’ve been looking all kinds of sites up online with my www.get.wildblue.com/ to see what’s free, which is what would be best for us to go and see.

One great thing about the city is that you can walk around and see a lot of the sites without paying anything, or at least anything besides a subway ticket. I’m really excited about this and already have my walking shoes packed to go!

Jun 17

Armed with a sword, night vision goggles and a pistol, Gary Brooks Faulkner is on a hunt. But it isn’t big game he is hunting but the biggest of all game – Osama Bin Laden.

Faulkner made the trip to Pakistan to get to the most wanted man in the world. Described as a god fearing Christian, this real life Rambo had set off to Pakistan in secrecy. When news of his arrest in a remote part of Pakistan reached his friends, they could only express disbelief. “What? Where? Him?!” were the typical responses that were elicited from them by the incident.

The 51-year old man traveled to the Pakistani town of Bumburate, where he arrived on the third of June. Foreign visitors to remote parts of the country are always given a police guard and Faulkner was also awarded this benefit. However, he gave them the slip and set off to locate the infamous terrorist in the surrounding region of Chitral. Bin Laden is rumored to have taken refuge in the Nuristan and Chitral regions although this is vehemently denied by Pakistani authorities. Both regions lie along the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan and are mountainous, making regulation of the border very difficult.

The officer looking for the missing Colorado man eventually found him in a forest on Sunday. He was initially laughed at when he told them of his mission, but upon inspection of the weapons in his possession he was taken into custody for questioning. So far, Faulkner has not been charged with anything and investigations are in progress.

Mar 19

When one plans a vacation, it is obvious that the budget plays an important role in determining which place we go to. Hence, people spend a lot of time planning ahead in order to get the best deals to the places they want to go to.

Since most popular vacationing locations also include certain sightseeing spots, it is another way by which you get the most out of your vacation time rather than lazing around in the hotel room all day. So here are some tips by which you can search for information in regards to sightseeing tours that you might not be privy to.

Tip #1: Talk to the locals to check for any off-the-beaten-path sightseeing tours that most tourists would not be aware of, and spend your time looking for these lesser known places to visit.

Tip #2: Drop in at the local tourism office to check for upcoming local events while also looking for special deals to these events, which are normally available to groups of tourists visiting the location.

Tip #3: Local and state history can be interesting sightseeing spots while churches are also excellent tourist spots to visit. Fees range anywhere from being reasonable charged to being free.

Tip #4: Another way to truly enjoy the environment authentically is to ask for information about the local cuisine which most natives eat. Try and pick a variety of spots to eat at as it is one of the most important elements of a vacation.

Just remember that one should include a balance of official sightseeing tours along with your own personal adventure. Perhaps this is one way by which one can get the most out of any vacation.

Mar 14

Planning a vacation these days has to be a premeditated task, not unless your idea of a holiday is the spontaneous type which prefers taking the road less traveled. For the rest of us, who live by less otherworldly rules, it is important to make your plans in a step-by-step manner to minimize any kind of delays and issues that will prevent from enjoying every moment of the time you have taken off from your busy schedule.
Here are some tips that should help you achieve that:

Tip #1: Before packing your bags and rushing off, look around for several holiday destination options that will fit in with your budget and vacation time available well in advance.
Tip #2: After giving it some thought, zero in on one particular destination as well as determining the most comfortable mode of transportation both ways (going and while returning).
Tip #3: Also, keep in mind the number of people that will be traveling with you on this trip, and take into consideration what their needs and wants might be (perhaps, by just asking them and noting it down).
Tip #4: Write out a day-by-day schedule which will allow flexibility for the people you are traveling with would like to do things on each day. Again, ask them about what they have in mind.
Tip #5: Book well in advance, both transportations as well as for accommodation.
Tip # 6: Pack your bags and don’t forget the essentials such as medication as well as a first-aid kit for any emergencies, and if you are flying abroad, important identification documents!
Tip #7: Most of all have fun!

Sep 24

If travelling is something you like, especially the organizing part of it, opening a travel agency might just be right up your street. Travel agencies help clients purchase airline tickets, plan cruises and holidays. Remember, the more experience and knowledge you have, the better your travel agency will be. Here’s how to get started:

- You must have your high school diploma or at least have completed the high school equivalency test before deciding to enter the travel industry.
– Prior experience at a travel agency would be helpful to learn the mechanics of it before you decide to open your own travel agency.
– Obtain a travel agent certificate.
– If you have time on your hands, perhaps a few college courses in business, marketing, communications and basic computer skills would be a good idea. Also consider learning a few foreign languages such as Spanish, French or Chinese.
– When opening your own travel agency, you will need to apply for a loan. To obtain a loan, you will need to have credit and a good, solid credit history. A business plan must be drawn up and collateral, ready. To start up your own travel agency you will need roughly around $20,000.
– Next, choose a good location that is visible from the roadways, maybe even in a shopping centre.
– Advertise your travel agency. Remember, you will need a good mix of new customers as well as repeat customers. You can promote your travel agency by placing classified ads, building a website, maintain a facebook fan page and much more.

Mar 4

Mickey Mouse ears and Cinderella’s Castle–for most people, these famous images are associated with children. Walt Disney World is a place for families to go and create memories, right? While this is certainly true enough, many would be surprised to hear that the park is also one of the top honeymoon spots in the world. Walt Disney World discount tickets are much sought after by newlyweds looking for a special way to spend the first days of their marriage together. In addition to the famous theme park and rides, the Walt Disney World Resort offers a wide range of wonderful amenities for you and your significant other to enjoy, including luxury spa treatments, wild animal safaris, and delicious five-star dining. Disney truly has something for everyone. If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to spend your honeymoon, keep Orlando in mind. Disney World vacations aren’t just for kids.

Feb 12

If you’re traveling through Venice February 20-March 8, be sure to pencil the 40th International Theatre Festival into your Italy vacation. The performances at the festival conclude Biennale di Venezia director Maurizio Scaparro’s two-year project dedicated to the Mediterranean. The first part of the project, the International Theatre Workshop, allowed stage veterans and leading intellectuals to collaborate with students and scholars to create theatre which, echoing Picasso, helps us realize the truth. This installment will continue those themes through five performances. Actress Irene Papas, who has appeared in more than 70 films over her career, will be presented with the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement. To find out more about the festival, please visit La Biennale di Venezia’s website.

Nov 10

If you’re planning a big vacation with friends or family but aren’t really sure where to go, take some time to consider Costa Rica. With a wide variety of benefits to offer tourists, it is an ideal choice for fun jaunts with your buddies or all inclusive family vacations.

Its people are one of the things that make Costa Rica so great. The residents of this country in Central America are known for being friendly and happy-go-lucky, especially with visitors. In fact, some people who first visit end up relocating to the country because of the warm welcome they find on arrival. Due to an unusually peaceful history in an area often characterized by turmoil, Costa Rica is one of the most prosperous and stable countries in the region. This is clearly reflected in the population. One of the other benefits of Costa Rica vacations is a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery that the country has to offer. With an amazing variety of flora and fauna, the country has been praised for its dedication to natural conservation.

Sep 17

Once the mushroom festival concludes, Telluride will gear up for the 35 th annual Telluride Film Festival. When every telluride ski resort is closed, local and visiting cinephiles turn their attention to the world-class film event that has hosted the premieres of “Brokeback Mountain ,” “Juno,” “Blue Velvet,” “The Crying Game,” “The Lives of Others,” “Napoleon,” and other modern classics. This year’s event will feature Guest Director Slavoj Zizek and a slew of challenging, artistic, and beautiful films.

Although the exact lineup will not be announced until the Telluride Film Festival begins, last year’s pieces included “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” “I’m Not There,” “4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days,” “Persepolis,” “Into the Wild,” “Margot at the Wedding,” “Help!” and tributes to Daniel Day-Lewis and Shyam Benegal. Edith Kramer served as guest director. Passes are currently sold out, but plenty of films, seminars, and other events are still free to film lovers.

Festival season doesn’t end with the Film Festival, however. Still to come are the Blues and Brews Festival (September 12-14) and Telluride Oktoberfest (October 4).