Get At-Home Sleep While on the Road with Custom Truck Mattresses

For those who earn their keep on the road as drivers, the hours and days can take a lot out of a person. Because distracted and tired driving is one of the greatest causes of accidents, there are regulations in place for professional drivers requiring rest periods after so many hours driven within a certain time frame. These breaks give drivers enough time for an hour or two of personal time and a full night’s sleep. But due to the tight quarters of sleeper cabins and the less-than-stellar mattresses often included, this time set aside to keep drivers refreshed and aware on the road doesn’t always offer the restful sleep they’re used to at home.

To keep drivers focused and rested, a comfortable mattress bunk is vital. Fortunately, with the versatility of foam materials, luxurious beds can be cut to unique sizes, making them perfect for truck use with comfort as good as anything found at home. Sleeping bunks in rigs and trucks are often non-traditional sizes to maximize space, and as such, it’s difficult to find a traditional mattress that has the right dimensions. The way foam is manufactured lends the material perfectly to the application of fitting a truck’s mattress platform. Many foam manufacturers are able to take dimensions submitted to them by truck drivers and cut a mattress to size, in the thickness and material desired, and then mail it out in a compressed package; a process that only takes a couple of weeks. Companies offer this service with conventional foam, natural latex foam and even popular memory foam.

Some drivers split time in rigs owned by their companies, making it impractical to buy a mattress for a bunk that isn’t exclusively yours. To get the comfort of a custom mattress, foam sleeping toppers can be made same way as full mattresses, but offer the versatility of being able to be rolled up and taken with you when the trip is over. These can pad and cushion even the hardest truck mattresses, giving restful sleep to drivers, no matter who owns their truck or who they work for.

For the safety of everyone on the road, drivers getting enough sleep should be a priority. To help them get that sleep with a mattress even more comfortable than the ones they use at home, foam mattresses and mattress toppers are a smart choice.

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