Mimaki Unveils New Flatbed Inkjet Printer

Mimaki has announced that its newest flatbed inkjet printer, the JFX-1631 model, will be the best of its kind.  According to the company’s press release, it is a fast, high-quality large format UV curable flatbed inkjet printer, “incorporating the very latest in UV LED curing technology and high-precision linear microstepping.”
The JFX-1631 Mimaki printers are twice as fast as other models, result in fewer banding artifacts and can even print legible three-point type. The company is offering two types of UV ink, flexible and hard, that can be used for a broad array of printing needs. The new UV LED curing system is designed to dramatically reduce the amount of generated heat, “allowing the printer to support a broader range of heat-sensitive media, such as foam and channel boards, PVC, acrylic and styrene panels.” The ultra-violet rays released from UV LED instantly cure the ink so that there is no need for post-printing drying time, which is usually associated with solvent and other inks. In addition, the inkjet printer is eco-friendly. Instead of using traditional metal halide lamps, the new Mimaki bulk ink printers save 2/3 of the energy and last five times as long. The following are just a few of the main features highlighted in the press release:

  • The new head positioning system uses high-resolution linear motors for super fine step accuracy of dot placement.
  • UV LEDs don’t generate heat, thus avoiding thermal damage of media.
  • Direct printing on non-coated media up to 50 mm thickness is possible.
  • White hard ink allows vibrant full-color printing on transparent and colored materials.
  • Optional page feeding function also enables accurate printing on roll media.

The JFX-163 is scheduled to go on sale at the end of this year.

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