The Basic Types Of Hoists

Article submitted by Hoist Direct

The types of hoists are wire rope hoist, chain hoist, construction hoist and mine hoist. The process of construction is quite critical and thus needs critical analysis of the products related to it, especially in the case of high end construction. There are other devices related to a hoist like dual speeds, frequency drives, extra lift and hoist radio controls. A hoist can be operated manually, electrically and pneumatically that is with the help of compresses air. Different types of hoist are there depending on their characteristics and uses. It is a tool which is used to lift or lower the load with the help of a lift wheel wrapped by a fiber or sometimes wire rope or chain around it. There is another category namely the winch hoist manufactured by myte, and the hoist radio controls manufactured by hoist direct is also very popular.

Although there is other important construction equipment, a hoist is of huge importance. Among various types of hoist available the lever hoist is very common and the available models are ton and the 6 ton lever hoist. The basic features of a hoist are the medium of lifting and power type.

However, there are various construction equipment suppliers and companies who can provide different types of high quality hoist like industrial electric hoist, manual hoist, chain hoist that is electrically driven, capstan hoist and many more. There is a lift hook through which the load gets attached to the hoist. Visiting the website will provide more ideas regarding the company.

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